"Excuse me, sir?!" [x/post with r/talesfromretail]
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Hi there TalesFromTheTheatre! I'm never really sure where to post my stories as I work in retail (Box Office), but I also work at the "front desk". So I posted this on r/TFR first and was introduced to you guys....
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"Excuse me, sir?!" [x/post with r/talesfromretail]

by C08313458

Hi there TalesFromTheTheatre! I'm never really sure where to post my stories as I work in retail (Box Office), but I also work at the "front desk".

So I posted this on r/TFR first and was introduced to you guys....

As you can see from my previous post on /r/talesfromretail (months ago) I work in a busy, multi-venue theatre in the UK.

With three venues, multiple shows on a night in each so it can get quite manic.

Especially when you have 2 sold out shows exiting at the same time, and you still have customers trying to collect tickets for the later shows. And they all have to go through the foyer...

That's what was happening at this moment in time. It was a Saturday night. I was two thirds through a 9 hour shift.

We had two sold out venues exiting (one from the basement and one from the main house - both around 140 people, so nearly 300 in total).

And countless people trying to collect at the box office for out shows later that night.

A family of four came up from downstairs, as far as I could tell they were an elderly couple (grandparents), their middle-aged daughter and her adult son.

They decided to stand right in front of me.

I could see there were people trying to get through to the Box Office but these ignorant, oblivious people just stood there talking about how quaint the theatre was,

and how exciting it was to be "off-West End".

The son was finishing off a glass of wine, so I thought they would be going back into our bar.

When they didn't move, I stood up and, as nicely as I could muster, asked them to either make their way outside or into the bar so that the foyer,

which is a fire exit can be kept clear and people can get to the box office.

The middle-aged woman just looked at me with such contempt and venom that such a low-level servant had dared spoken to them. She then spat out "We're leaving in a second".

I replied with a "Thank you very much."

The son then finished off the last dreggs of his wine and placed the large glass right bang in front of me.

Now, as I said I work at the box office. Not the bar. The bar is less than 10 feet from the box office.

Now, it was busy as it was a Saturday night, but there were tables right by the entrance that someone could leave down a glass if they so wanted to, without going into the actual bar.

Another thing to note is that there is a small bar in our downstairs venue. They are both run and staffed by the same company.

When he put the glass down I looked up at him and said "I'm sorry sir but you cannot leave that here, if you could kindly bring into the bar,

I would really appreciate it as we can't deal with glass here".

The grandfather replied incredulously "We were ushered out of downstairs and didn't have time to bring it to the bar down there"

ME:"I apologise if you were moved out quickly but we do have another show down there in half an hour and we need the turn around time.

This glass can be brought into out main bar, just behind you."

The son then went to pick up the glass (cue shocked gasps), and I thanked him. Thinking that that is one less THING I have to deal with tonight.

BUT...! Just as he picked it up, his mother - this guys own mother - took the glass out of his hand and placed it defiantly back down, all the while staring straight at me.

I tried to say something, but words would not come. I sat there speechless until they started to move out.

Both me and my colleague, who had witnessed the whole thing, started to actually shout after them... "Excuse me..? SIR?! Your glass?!"

But he just turned around and gave the biggest shit eating grin I have ever seen. It just said 'I am better than you, and I know it'.

I was angry the rest of the night that I had to go onto /r/aww to calm myself down.

TL;DR: Self-entitled, middle-class family decide that treating people like something they scraped off their shoe is a better example to their children then showing some respect.


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