Excalibur and Angels and Demons
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Excalibur and Angels and Demons

** X-WRITERS is a fan-fiction e-mail group. Though our theme is the

X-Men, Marvel (which owns that product) has not given us permission to

use that product and all characters related to it. We similarly are not

sponsored by any other private organization, MUSH, individual, etc.

Finally, we are a non-profit bunch of amateur comic book wannabe-writers

-- we ain't got the money for a lawsuit... so don't even bother. **

Notes: Things in [square brackets] are the sort of running commentary you

get in boxes in the corner of the frame. Things in *star* things are

thoughts and things in "speech quotes" are speech. Things in nothing at

all are descriptions of the panel the speech below them occurs in.

EXCALIBUR #91 (November issue) -- "Who Is That Masked Man?"

Written by Marysia

Cover: Captain Britain and Britanic facing half away from each other

both in typical strong man poses with a large red question mark

between their heads.

Full Page: Kitty in jeans and a t-shirt sitting on her bed with her knees

Read the rest via the link in the description!

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