Exactly What I Wanted (the just desserts remix)
Exactly What I Wanted (the just desserts remix) kato shigeaki stories

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Exactly What I Wanted (the just desserts remix)

She looked polished and professional in her ivory suit, hair falling in smooth waves over her shoulders, pale pink manicured nails curled around her notebook.

She recrossed her legs, making a polite questioning noise, and Ryo realized that she must have asked him another question and was probably expecting an answer.

He cleared his throat and shifted uncomfortably. "Uh, could you repeat the question?"

She was too contentious to roll her eyes but her exasperation was palpable. "I asked if you are currently seeing someone. Do you have a girlfriend, Nishikido-san?"

He had no idea what that had to do with food.

The reporter was supposedly from a food magazine and was interviewing him about the recent success of the restaurant where he had been working as the executive chef for about a year.

Ryo would have bet money she didn't expect to have to deal with someone like him for the interview. He knew music and he knew food; he wasn't especially good with people.

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