Ex Machina Fragments
Ex Machina Fragments jack harkness/ianto jones stories

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A fanfic by oakdell adapted for commaful. find the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Ex Machina Fragments

He was wearing his familiar black jacket again; he didn’t want to be in any way significant among the others. But still, he was.

‘I don’t know how to wash the blood off, dad.’ He proceeded to the kitchen, dropping himself to the chair, not able to see anything in front of him.

‘The collar’s gone all pink, I must’ve ruined it, I’m sorry!’

He heard how another chair was moved and then felt Lisa’s warm hands around him. Slowly, very slowly he blinked and finally managed to see her face.

‘Mum told to hug you when she’s gone,’ Lisa continued, ‘As strong as I can.’

‘What…’ he felt he was suddenly out of breath, ‘…what else did Mum tell?’

‘She made me promise I cook for you when I grow up.’

‘You don’t even know what cooking is,’ Robbie said clearly passing down the corridor.

‘She told that Dad will show me how to do it!’

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