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A story by huntress69 adapted for commaful. find the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...


Dean Winchester had been thrown out of Hell.

Yes, he'd made that deal with the

, his soul in exchange for Sam's life. After his year was up he went without a fight. Fighting would have only ended with Sam's soul forfeit instead.

When he arrived in Hell, he was told that his

had been taken. The space that Satan himself had reserved for Dean was taken up by an arsonist who had previously escaped the fiery domain.

The firebug had been caught and returned by Satan's new bounty hunter...a twenty-one year old slacker named Sam Oliver.

According to good old Beelzebub, Sam Oliver was a mortal and worked as a clerk at

, Dean's second favorite place to shop, right after

And Satan, it seemed, had enough headaches without having to deal with Dean and the rest of his nutty family and friends, who were trying their damndest to get him back.

Thanks to that idiotic Azazel a whole bunch of souls had escaped the

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