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A short story by littlemoon (theartemisfowl) posted on commaful. find the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Everything's Coming up Roses

“Shit noodles!!” I screamed as I scrambled out of bed. This had to be the 20

time I slept through my alarm.  I ran into the bathroom and jumped into shower and hollered as the ice cold water hit my back.

I fluffed my silvery curls, finished my hygiene regimen, put on my uniform and ran to school.

I started Meiou High school a month ago on a full scholarship partially because I’m kind of smart and also because I’m kind of an orphan. My dad died a year ago and I never met my mom.

The only family I have is my older half-sister who I just moved to Mushiyori city to live with. She’s rarely home because she is the lead guitarist in a popular all female band called “L.A.D.Y.

” and she’s constantly on tour. I don’t know much about my mother, except that she was from Veracruz, I inherited her brown skin and curly hair.

She gave me the name Luna, and disappeared six months after I was born.

A man’s voice interrupted me from my thoughts, “Miss Kobayashi, third period ended five minutes ago why are you still sitting there?”

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