Everything Stays but It's Still Changing
Everything Stays but It's Still Changing dirty jokes stories

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fanfic by lady_fairy_moth adapted for commaful. watch the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Everything Stays but It's Still Changing

I shot up awake with my heart racing, grabbing my chest in shock of my dream.

What was that!?

I rush out of my bedroom to the bathroom, almost slipping on the rug outside my door. I splash cold water on my sweaty face and take a look in the mirror.

I look worn out and extremely tired, then again, what do I expect from an unexpected freefall towards death? It's as if I ran a marathon in under twenty minutes!

Replaying that dream in my mind where he whispered in my ear, I could feel his presence in my dream but I couldn't see him anywhere.

A voice like that can make me melt like butter in a heated frying pan. I could feel myself coming undone from his voice. I’m sexualizing a voice from my dream of a man I didn't see.

I'm not twelve anymore dream guys are to be left there. This is not someone I could be capable of making to magically appear or come into being as real life person.

With another cold splash to the face, I walk back to my room and notice the moon was high in the sky gleaming its beautiful beam of light; cascading across the lowly earth it orbits.

Everything seems so peaceful tonight. I look at the alarm to see what ridiculous hour I'm awake at. It was only midnight.

I try to snuggle back into bed but instead I'm tossing and turning trying to not think of the voice that plagued my last dream.

Fitfully sleeping, I couldn’t stop thinking about how only I would seem capable of having dreams so strange that a voice could cause me to turn into a puddle.

Well regardless, I need to be well rested. I have a double date with Stephanie tonight and no fantasy dream men can change those plans.

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