Everything Old is New Again
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Everything Old is New Again

Their faces were pressed into somewhat gross bar top at the Penny.

Andy McNally stood behind the bar, reading off the names from their drivers licenses. "Jenny Aronson. Christian Fuller. Rich Hanford. Vivian Peck. Lara Volk.

You have the right to shut the hell up!"

The crowd laughed and her fellow rookies struggled. Not Vivian, though. Vivian had expected this.

Everyone had warned her about the hazing ritual and she'd actually seen it a few times, coming to the Penny once as a child,

and then a few times while in college and actually allowed to have a drink while it happened. Having it done to you was a little different.

Having it done to you while your mother was shouting at her friend and training officer, Andy McNally, to search your pockets for keys was the cause for laughter.

Andy leaned over to ask the woman holding Viv down to check her pockets. A quick search later and they had her spare key from the clip on her back belt-loop.

"Seriously?" Andy held the key up and the room laughed. "A universal key?"

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