Everything Has Changed
Everything Has Changed julie dodson/kevin lumb stories

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Everything Has Changed


DSI Julie Dodson had been called many things in her twenty plus years as a police officer but stupid, irresponsible had never been one of them…until now.

She slammed the car door behind her with a greater force than she had intended as the side mirror came of it’s hinge.


DCI Gill Murray was walking up the road from where she’d parked to see Julie hunched over examining the damage she’d caused.

“You alright slap?”

Turning around Julie found her best friend smiling back at her; Julie straightened up giving the mirror a whack as she walked over to Gill.

“What happened?”

“Oh nothing, don’t know my own strength sometimes that’s all.”

“What brings you by here then, a case?”

“Actually no, I was wondering if I could talk to you about something.”



“My office okay?”

Julie looked a little apprehensive at first but nodded her head in agreement as she followed Gill inside the station and up to her office.

As they entered the office, Julie looked up to see Rachel and Janet in a deep discussion about Rachel’s latest boyfriend, laughing and joking.

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