Everything Changes
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Everything Changes

It's Mark's final night as a real member of the team, there's a wrap-up debrief later in the week, but that's really just a chance to say goodbye to some of the guys at the factory,

tonight is the last time he'll really be their driver; a Red Bull Formula One driver. It really is the final time. It feels so strange to think that.

Unreal almost, for all that he knows that it's true.

It's a relief in many ways. This year hasn't been great. Seb's walked all over him, all over

in fairness, but the number of people who'd come up to him since he'd announced his impending retirement and told him he was doing the right thing, that he'd picked the right moment,

only reinforced Mark's understanding that his time in F1 was over, and to his surprise that wasn't such a bad feeling after all.

He'd never quite reached the heights he'd dreamt of.

The possibility of winning a World Championship that had been so tantalisingly close in 2010 had never come to pass, and he'd come to terms with that,

knew he'd achieved so much more than he'd ever thought possible all those years ago as a wide-eyed kid arriving in Europe to embark on a racing career.

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