Everyone Loves Wally West
Everyone Loves Wally West artemis crock/wally west stories

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Everyone Loves Wally West

1. Wally/Conner: Hands

Conner had large hands, but the palms were very smooth and soft. It threw Wally off at first, not in a bad way, though. He didn’t expect that, but it made sense.

Conner wouldn’t get blisters or calluses, he wouldn’t scar or burn.

Sometimes Wally would have this inexplicable urge to take Conner’s hands and hold them. He’d cradle them, and run his fingers over that smooth skin. Conner never understood why- he didn’t ask.

Sometimes Conner would pull Wally against him, hold him tightly. He’d just bury his nose in Wally’s hair, palms flat along Wally’s shoulders and back.

Wally would loop his arms around Conner’s neck and stay there until they both released at the same moment. They’d glance at each other, and walk away without a word.

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