Everybody wants to be an Astronaut
Everybody wants to be an Astronaut a tiny blast from the past for me stories

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A fanfic by billywick adapted for commaful. read the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Everybody wants to be an Astronaut

“Tell her we say hi, yeah? See ya Altman.”

Tommy slid his phone back onto the messy dash of what Noh-Varr considered his home in form of a tiny spaceship. It was, sort of, his too now.

Though Tommy wasn’t soft in the head enough to claim it as such,

he had to silently admit that this little Kree ship was giving him the kind of freedom that the whole run of the Earth hadn’t been able to achieve.

He’d seen things, now. Different planets. Aliens. Wars older than time. Hell, supernovas, black holes, he’d witnessed more than his entire species could dream of.

Oh, alright, there were a bunch of smugass superhumans who could disagree because they too had seen some shit. But they could blow Tommy if they thought their space adventure was better than his.

Seeing the stars? Only got better when you had good company. And Noh-Varr didn’t talk much, which was a super bonus for when Tommy just wanted to watch the Milkyway fade from sight.

He was so far away from everything he ever knew, and he fucking loved it.

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