Even the Strong Falter
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A fanfic by mandyem92 posted on commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Even the Strong Falter

Myka's problem with men. Though the seed may have been laid by her father, it was her 1st boyfriend of 2 years that watered and nourished it.

He was like a vine, slowly wrapping around her without her noticing. Strangling the life from her. She clung to her books like a small saplingtrying to survive.

The Garden of Eden is only in her mind. The perfect life she wants in unobtainable, only reachable through books and stories.

Myka knew she didn't live in there, her reality was that she lived among the weeds, fighting to survive.

Myka never considered herself pretty. Not that she saw herself as an ugly weed. But more as a small flower that grows everywhere.

Sometimes people stop to admire the true beauty and simplicity of it, but more often than not people walk right by it, not bothering to deviate from their regular routines and scenery.

But Cole wasn't either of those people. Myka truly believed he'd admire her forever.

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