Ethics 101
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Ethics 101

Luisa was only on her second drink of the night when some movement by the door of the bar caught her eye, just as it caught the eye of every other woman in the reasonably busy bar.

The woman that had just walked through the door was absolutely gorgeous. She was tall, with legs that seemed to go on forever until they disappeared up a very form-fitting, red dress.

The red matched the color of her lips and was a few shades darker than the copper curls tumbling down around her shoulders.

She was stunning, but most importantly, Luisa hadn’t seen her here before.

Luisa came to this bar a lot (understatement of the year) and she was running out of women to sleep with as a result. She could find suitable girls in any other bar in the city, gay

straight. There was no shortage of adventurous girls her age, and she would gladly be the other half in their collegiate lesbian fling, but not tonight.

Tonight she wanted someone who actually knew what they wanted, and more importantly knew what they were

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