eternity is only a beginning
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eternity is only a beginning

Fingers trailed lightly over the cold, pale cheek, trembling near imperceptibly.

The world had gone silent, the reverberating ring of the revolver still sounding throughout the field behind the now lone figure standing on the hill at the edge of the hyper oats facility.

There were no other distractions, nothing reading in his ears or eyes scanning the possible threat level of others. There was nobody to blame for his actions but himself.

He was the only one who could be held accountable for what'd happened here today.

He had fallen to his knees, a sad mockery of what the corpse before him had done not moments before in a sad, pitiful compliance that he wouldn't forget for years to come.

The body was soaked in blood now, red staining every part of the dead man.

White stained so easily.

Despite it all, Shinya couldn't help but marvel at how delicate the features of the dead man were. He hadn't been able to resist it; a sick, shaking part of him wanted to just

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