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(I wrote this little ditty way back in 2009 when I was completely obsessed with Henry Fitzroy (still kind of am) and all works associated with Blood Ties) I have not and will not go back

and fix the errors of this story. I am leaving them how they are for your original viewing pleasure.

I have a whole set of Henry Fitzroy stories featuring Kate on my tablet and if I can transfer them, I will add them as I can.

I checked my watch. 11:15pm. I was getting anxious.

Henry and Vicki had left about two hours ago and I was nervously sitting on her couch waiting for them to come back and say the Windigo was dead.

I stood up, paced the room for a second before sitting back down. I was always like this when he helped Vicki. I kept my eyes at the door and prayed silently.

Sometimes, I thought I overreacted when he left, but Henry was all I had.

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