Eternal Flame
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Eternal Flame

Sun seeping through dreary eyes, your warmth always takes over. Its what I need. The concept of cold now seems alien to me, your touch sends ultra violet through me. It's what i crave. Winds come rushing through, a gust, a 100 miles, a rush, a tear, happiness still ascends. The darkness is here, though it can not last. The sun beams through me, the sun takes me to a place oh, so familiar. The place where you are my eternal flame. Your love becomes my eternal flame. Guiding me and allowing the darkness to retreat into its lonely enclave of self despair. Our eternal flame is angry and rages on. It can not be tamed and nor should it be. Our eternal flame turns into a cascading wall of fire. We both cant not breathe. Nor do we wan't to. We let the eternal flame engulf us, it smolders. Say goodbye to misery and hello to eternal happiness - we welcome it

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