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fiction by rahlian adapted for commaful. watch the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...


The worst thing about resurrection was the fact that during the time it took the ethereal essence that passed for her soul to do whatever it did after freed from its mortal coil,

she was actually dead. That meant that when she returned to life, hours or days later, it was with whatever injuries it carried, all as fresh as the day of her death.

,”  the being known in the twenty-first century primarily as Sameen Shaw wheezed as breath filled her lungs for the first time in days and tried to curl into a ball.

It was lost as quickly as her body quickly began registering her injuries, two shots to the gut and a coup de grâce,

accompanied by a myriad constellation of bruises that seemed to cover her from head to toe.

,” she growled when she could get enough breath to do so.

The first thing she noticed when she could perceive past the pain was that it was chilly and all four limbs were restrained,

shackles binding her wrists and ankles to reinforced points on the frame of her bed.

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