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Et Cetera


fanfiction. Alternate Universe, fantasy, drama/romance. Rated R (M) overall. Multiple pairings. 50,000+ words total.

Originally written 11/20/2004 - 7/18/2006, with ongoing revisions.

Humans, creation most adored,

Sprites, that cross the realms between,

And the rest...



Invisible, intangible. Leaving its only visible vestige in others, but itself never changed. The fourth element of the World. The one absolute force, to which all bowed.

All but the being that stood in the heart of what was once known as the Temple of Time. Time had never affected this being since its creation, long, long ago.

And the being had not troubled itself with what lay outside the Temple for equally long time.

Perhaps, the being wondered, it might be worthwhile to explore the outside. There was nothing to be done in the Temple. In this place where time stood still, no change ever came.

Once, the being had treasured the endless serenity of the Temple, but it had become monotonous after – however long it had been, since the being was created and placed here.

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