Estelle's Adventures in Swan Lake
Estelle's Adventures in Swan Lake barbie/ken (toy story) stories

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Estelle's Adventures in Swan Lake

Mo was going over a list of things as Angel stood next to her feet while she stood inside Akito and Estelle's shared bedroom.

The twins were throwing things into suitcases as her mother listed the items.

"What's going on?" Angel asked.

"You haven't heard?" Mo smiled proudly. "The kids are going to sleepaway camp!"

"Sleepaway camp?" Angel asked.

"Sleepaway camp is where kids go and stay away from home for a couple of weeks during the summer," Mo explained.

"I went with Cherry and Atticus at one point when Mystery Inc decided to be volunteer camp counselors."

"Oh, yeah, wasn't that Camp Little Moose?" Angel asked.

"That's right..." Mo nodded. "Though, hopefully what happened there doesn't happen again with Akito, Estelle, and Vincent."

"I'm sure it won't," Angel soothed. "Besides, that guy's long gone and in jail, remember?" she then reminded.

"Yeah..." Mo sighed, then looked back to Akito and Estelle with a smile.

"Remember, you can always call home if you guys feel homesick, but don't stay on the phone too long, there'll be other campers wanting to use the phone."

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