Estelle: The Last of the Fire Fae
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Estelle: The Last of the Fire Fae

"Thy is lucky to be leaving school," I said to Margaret.

"And the same to you, shall we fly to the village or walk?" she asked.

"A nice day it is I prefer to walk, we have time, the school was so kind to let us leave early," I replied.

"It is the Spring Festival! Of course they must," she said, "Think of the food Estelle."

"The food is divine, only fit for nobles and royalty like King Arthur," I said.

"Bless King Arthur for he helps protect us from many demons that comes our way," she said.

"We mustn't spoil the Festival with talk of demons. Weeks have passed since the last attack," I said.

"I bow thy head for the animals that passed," she said.

"Be hopeful that next time, whenever that may be, neither Fae, humans, nor animals be harmed."

"It is such a hopeful thought," she said, "Why is there smoke rising over near our village?"

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