Espresso Yourself
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Espresso Yourself

If it hadn't been raining, Jason wouldn't have bothered.

He could've coped with the cold, and the being seriously pissed off, and even the fact that it was seven fifteen in the morning, but he could not cope with these things

. That was the last straw.

In his opinion, rain made everything grey and awful and wet (the last one, at least, wasn't opinion) - it wasn't possible for anyone to feel anything except miserable when it was raining,

unless you were in The Notebook which Jason was pretty sure he wasn't.

His mood had plummeted the moment the first drop hit his nose, and the will to live immediately left him and ambled off somewhere drier,

leaving him stuck on Hallcourt Street with an aching craving for his caffeine fix and a closed coffee shop.

He sighed.

He'd stared through the glass at the single A4 sheet taped up, waiting for the words to change,

or quite possibly just starting to wait out the ten days until they re-opened from their 'refurbishing!!'.

That's when the rain had started and he'd begun cursing impressively at the overcast sky.

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