Escape The Smithsonian
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Escape The Smithsonian

Larry watched as McPhee made his way out through the revolving doors and he gazed up at the stillness around him.

Was this really going to be the last time they'd all be together? Was this really going to be the last time he'd see his friends?

He shook his head with a sigh, he'd made a point of visiting them every now and then over these past twenty-two months,

almost two years had gone by since he'd hung up his uniform for good and moved onto greater things.

“Hey, hey buddy.

How're you doing about this huh?” he asked as Rexy began to nuzzle his cheek, “You want what's in here, huh?

” Larry asked playfully, rubbing the dinosaur's nose as he reached into his bag, “You think I've got something for you huh?

” he asked teasingly as a multicoloured knotted rope appeared in his hand, “Think you're stronger than me huh? Think you're stronger than me?

” he teased as the skull latched onto the rope and the pair began to playfully tug at it.

Before long, playful had turned into unintentional violence as too strong a tug sent the ex-night guard soaring across the lobby, landing in a soft heap of packaging.

He pulled himself to his feet, chuckling slightly as the dinosaur stood there grinning, wagging its long bony tail.

The wooden crates all around him burst open sending little Styrofoam peanuts into the air like overweight snowflakes.

All over the place his friends were sitting up and climbing out of their crates as the President made his way over atop his horse.

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