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short story by the_jashinist adapted for commaful. read the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...


The news was blaring in the background of Jon’s apartment, but he wasn’t paying attention to it, he was busy stitching up a knife wound, occasionally spitting into the sink,

where he’d left the water running to flush the blood down the drain.

There was a cut on the inside of his cheek, probably from getting socked in the jaw, possibly from being smacked upside the head with a baseball bat, who knows?

Served him right for pissing off Two Face.

Well, not exactly “pissing off” and more along the lines of “this asshole can’t take no for an answer” but as far as Jon was concerned it was the same thing.

Jon just considered himself lucky he wasn’t dead, like Two Face had no doubt intended him to be.

A gunshot had grazed his ear while he was running away, the screaming of Two Face’s goons was still ringing in his ears.

Jon missed the days when Harv and Harvey had a vested interest in keeping him alive.  That was a nice two months, even if Two Face wasn’t what anyone would term “gentle”.

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