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Angering Joseph Joestar wasn't the hardest thing in the world. Such an action came naturally to you upon meeting him.

Whereas Suzi Q was more giddy and flirtatious, you were the more sharp-tongued servant by comparison.

You were definitely not going to pick a fight with his hulking form, but it didn't stop your lips from rendering him to the hot-headed dork that he was.

For Joseph, it was like enduring another of Loggin's training sessions--though, since it was you, your words left his pride mortally wounded.

It was one of those nights on Air Supplena Island when you were feeling quite talkative.

Lisa Lisa had gone to bed early and Caesar had left with Suzi Q to retrieve more olive oil for dinner, a necessity to truly savor Italian bread.

Before he stepped out, the blonde ran his finger against your cheek--all while Joseph was complaining about the wait for food--cooing how he won't keep you long.

After all, it was that Englishman's insatiable stomach that caused this shortage.

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