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Equals C-Squared

“We need to talk,” Wes says, and Alex’s smile slips off her face and her stomach sinks through the floor.

This is it, then, this is what she’s been afraid of since she opened her eyes and realized exactly how far apart they’d grown.

She hesitates to blame his police work—it’s good for him, brought him out of his shell after Anthony, but she can help thinking that if he’d only stayed a lawyer, everything would have been fine.

But he didn’t, and now he’s saying those dreaded four words, and Alex knows, she just

that she’s going to have to say goodbye to everything they’ve built together, everything she loves, and her throat is already tight at the thought.

She’s worked so hard to keep them together, she doesn’t want to lose everything now.

She sits down with her hands clasped in her lap, and she listens as he starts talking.

It’s not what she’s expecting.

He tells her about kissing Travis—honestly, this isn’t the first time she’s heard a variation of this story, usually brought to her by Travis’s colorful retelling at the dinner table.

But it’s more than a kiss, she realizes as Wes struggles to explain (he never did like putting feelings to words). Wes is distracted at work—distracted by

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