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To celebrate the anniversary of the defeat of Pitch Black, North always threw a party, after the rush of Easter and with plenty of time to work on Christmas.

This one was bigger and more grand than any other before. Five blessed years of peace were behind them with a hundred more ahead, or so they thought.

The party was in full swing by the time Jack glided into the ballroom of Santof Claussen.

Huge fires roared in the hearths that lined the walls, long tables were so full of food of every kind that you couldn't see the wood any more,

music and lights danced through the room in between spirits and sprites: it was truly a sight to behold. All the Joy in the room had Jack feeling a bit light headed.

He smiled and jauntily strolled towards the dessert table.

Everyone was chatting merrily, North's booming voice echoing from across the room. With so many different kinds of spirits in attendance everyone was required to be announced at the door.

Belatedly Jack realized he had skipped right over this part and sheepishly waved at the stout little man who was standing next to the set of great double doors.

It seemed to Jack the whole world was here, different cultures and lore's all gathered together mixing and mingling.

Dryads were gabbing next to Bunny about the state of their trees, and he looked frightfully outnumbered. It brought another bright smile to Jack's face.

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