Episode 01 -- The Boy With The Green Eyes
Episode 01 -- The Boy With The Green Eyes grief/mourning stories

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Episode 01 -- The Boy With The Green Eyes

Episode 01

The Boy With The Green Eyes

AC 199

Heero glanced at the image on the laptop screen his lover of nearly three years was staring intently at.

The image was of a man who looked to be a few years older than them and was rather attractive.  For a split second he felt pang of jealously and grief before forcefully crushing it back.

He silently sighed before inquiring “Who is that?”

Without glancing away, Trowa replied like he was giving a status update or a mission report. “Jameson Fleamont Potter. Born 27-03-AC178.

Only child of Fleamont Henry Potter and Euphemia Gladys Potter, both deceased; married to Lily Andrea Potter, née Evans. Born 30-01-AC178.

Younger daughter, and second child, of Alton Harrison Evans and Iris Cora Evans, also both deceased. Elder sister named Petunia Hortense Dursley, born 12-02-AC177.”

He finally turned his striking green eyes way from the screen to look fully at his lover.  Heero blinked, the only indication that he was confused.

Trowa’s lips thinned for a moment as he debated explaining fully. “I came across him today when… during my walk.”  Heero’s eyes shaded over a bit.

Trowa read the guilt there and sighed sadly before gently pulling the physically smaller man into his arms, sitting him securely in his lap. “Please don’t fret, my love,” he implored softly.

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