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A fiction by aikoisari posted on commaful. find the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...


Most tales begin with a 'once upon a time', or something cheery and safe. A day in the life that would soon change or turn upside down.

This would not be one such tale, he knew, when it would be told later. This tale would begin with war, death and the end of an era.

The day the last guardian fell while trying to fling his legacy into safety.

This day had long been coming, he knew. After escaping with the eggs, Digivices, tags and crests at the cost of the lives of everyone he worked with at the hands of these

, after sealing away their creator and master away into the void from whence it came, using his precious daughter's crest as the seal to keep it from coming back,

after humiliation after humiliation he subjected them to, Rekushin knew that the Dark Masters would come for them like the ferocious honey badgers they all were.

It was, indeed, all they had left for themselves as far as he knew.

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