Endurance Limits
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A short story by clgfanfic adapted for commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Endurance Limits

Matt Shepherd followed the rest of his operators and Drummer through the thick Colombian jungle as they headed steadily for their extraction point.

Behind them Paharo's drug factory and rebel camp continued to burn, the sound of the crackling wood still loud in the silence the bombs had caused.

Shepherd grinned as he walked, enjoying the post-mission rush that still hummed in his muscles.  He was proud of his people.

For a mission with considerably more downs than ups, they had hung in there and finished the job – although he was going to have to have a word with Trout about the exact nature of that job.

Somehow he had a bad feeling that they had all been used by CIA Director of Operations August, and he did not appreciate it, not one little bit.

His gaze swept over each of his people.  Margo in particular had proven – once again – just how resourceful she could be, not to mention how calm she could stay in the face of danger.

He would have to remember to tell her how well she had done.  But they had all done a great job, even if they had allowed themselves to be taken captive by the guerrillas.

They would definitely have to do a little refresher training when they got home so it wouldn't happen again.

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