Endless Possibilities
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A fiction by cata_lina posted on commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Endless Possibilities

Those were the most beautiful eyes you'd seen in your life. And,

you'd seen a lot of them in over two decades. A few thousands, very likely.

And if multiplied by the uncountable scenarios  you had seen those other eyes in, and the endless possibilities each one of them held...

These are the most beautiful eyes you've

seen. Period.

So, when you raise your gaze from your notebook with your pen in one hand and a coffee cup in the other,

and you realize those beautiful sky blue eyes are now looking at you from across the room...

, you can't help but to blush and look back at them with a fascinated smile reflected in both your lips and gaze once you recover from the brief illusion of being in paradise.

Because, as if those eyes weren't sky-like enough, they seem to transport you to Heaven when you look through them.

The young man stops talking to one of the waitresses; he politely thanks her; walks across the crowded café; and takes a seat a few steps away from you, beside another man.

He seems very friendly when he talks with this man while sipping his tea and looking around.

His dark brown hair over his pale face makes the perfect contrast to frame those beautiful, bright, blue eyes of his. The two men look disappointed for a while.

Then, he smiles at his companion and points at your way..., or maybe at the waitress behind you. You immediately look away as if you hadn't been staring.

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