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A written piece by kaigoryu adapted for commaful. read the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Ender's Game Oneshots

Ender paused, removing his toothbrush from his mouth before leaning over to inspect his desk.

His name danced around the screen for a moment, before almost immediately being replaced by a new message.

Ender held his toothbrush between his teeth and moved to answer his door.

He unlocked the door, opened it, and stepped out of the way all in one motion, just in time to escape being trampled by none other than Bean Delphiki.

Bean shot through Ender's door and was sprawled on the bed in a second flat. Alai entered the room moments after Bean, as calm and collected as always.

"Ho, Ender," Alai said in greeting to the shorter boy.

"Hey, man!" Bean called, already flipping through the book on Ender's nightstand.

"Ho, Alai," Ender responded cordially. "Bean, get your shoes off my bed. And stop going through my stuff."

Bean set the book down obediently, but didn't hesitate to roll his eyes as soon as Ender turned his back to retrieve his desk from the bathroom.

His childishness caused Alai to smile into his hand, disguising it as a small cough.

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