Encounter in Venice
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Encounter in Venice


("Charade", lyrics by Johnny Mercer)


Everything must have happened before, he thinks, for everything seems curiously familiar to him.

The cloudless sky, the red van which overtakes him, the children playing on the streets, the scent of Ran's perfume on the scarf around his neck, detective Takagi, who is waving at him...

Everything seems vaguely familiar, even his amazement at the small figure standing in front of the gate, waiting for him.

"It must be really urgent," he says, jumping from his skateboard. "I can't remember that you've ever been waiting for me

the door!"

"I see you're in a splendid mood," she observes, smiling. But he can see in her eyes that something is not right.

"But you aren't," he remarks, automatically scanning her up and down to search for clues. "So what happened?"

Obviously, she has not slept well, as she looks tired and overwrought and her eyes are surrounded by dark rings. The fresh scent about her tells him that she has just had a shower.

She is wearing the midnight-blue pullover he believes to be her favourite, the new pair of blue jeans Ayumi-chan's mother gave her on her tenth birthday,

and the new red coat she bought last year because her favourite red-riding-hood coat had become too small for her.

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