Empty Virtue
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Empty Virtue

Phi huddled against the cold wall of the elevator, trying to suppress the pounding in her head.

How had she got there?

The last thing she remembered was being engulfed by white smoke in a Las Vegas alleyway; as she collapsed she had been grabbed under the arms by a masked figure and dragged into

a side-entrance of a building.

She wondered why she had been taken: though she could think of many secrets – Vegas secrets – that would attract a special interest in her, she couldn’t imagine any enemy sufficiently desperate,

powerful and competent to organise such a brazen and methodical kidnapping – in broad daylight,

and completed so swiftly that Phi was unconscious even before she realised it had happened – at least, no enemy that powerful which also had a specific grudge against her.

Phi resolutely collected her thoughts and oriented herself: her mind needed to be as clear as possible if she was to evaluate her situation.

Though her legs still trembled from the effects of whatever anaesthetic had been used to kidnap her – she decided to conserve her strength rather than attempt to stand – she prepared herself

to do whatever was necessary to understand her situation.

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