Empty Spaces
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Empty Spaces

It’s over in five seconds.

Onoda looks at the floor. One of the men he came with is lying with his back to the carpet, blood pooling in the pit of his eye socket. The sight is enough to knock some sense back into him.

He scrambles away, but there’s nowhere to go but further back into the leather-lined chair. His belt is empty. He has nothing to defend himself with.

There's no way out of this.

“Satisfactory,” His boss always pinched his fingers together when he was trying to emphasize a point. “You’re useless at negotiating contracts, but people go easy on you. Keep talking.

Keep smiling. Charm them. If it fails, that’ll be on you, and you don’t want that, right?” Onoda had bowed his head and agreed, fearing the reprimands if he said otherwise. The demotions.

The endless cycle of pleasing others and getting nowhere.

It was supposed to be a quick handoff. Give the man the briefcase, watch him open it, and report how the transaction had gone over nicely.

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