Empire of Blood
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Empire of Blood

"So, who can tell me why it's important to have checks and balances within the government? Why is it that the Supreme Court holds sway over the Legislative branch?"

My pen scribbled in my notebook as the professor spoke and I wrote my answer before raising my hand, not looking up.

"Yes Becca?" he called.

"Because if the Legislative body created a law that was unconstitutional the Supreme Court can challenge it and strike it down.

Likewise, if a common citizen brings a case before the court and challenges the constitutionality of a case or a law, the Supreme Court can choose to strike it down.

Checks and balances must be upheld so that no part of the government holds all of the power and somehow gains a stranglehold over the others, thereby creating a dictatorship."

I glanced up to see Professor Mason raise his brows and smile. "Very good Becca." He turned and smiled at the class, "I hope you all wrote that down."

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