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I can’t remember how long I have been a slave, nor how old I am. My personal records can tell you that. I don’t even know my original name anymore.

Having a name is too much work when there are more important things to remember like how He likes his coffee or the correct way to pleasure Him.

The only information I can give to you is that I can still feel. I feel lots of things; sadness, fear, depression, hunger, happiness (once in a blue moon), but mostly, empathy.

Empathy gives me more perception on what I can do to make my Master’s day better, by not being in their sight or by giving myself up to them.

This trait would make me an excellent slave to keep if I wasn’t so sarcastic and moody. My entire memorable life, I have had 3 Masters, all horrible in their own nature.

Beatings get worse each time there is a new Master, like a new level of Hell has opened up for me. The beatings then turned creative and sadistic, like with my current Master, Octavian.

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