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A fiction by indignantlemur adapted for commaful. find the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...


"Good morning!"

Several sets of antennae wiggled politely in her direction as Dagmar entered the Andorian section of the newly set up Embassy and shivered in response to the considerable drop in temperature.

A few of the Andorians more accustomed to Human interactions offered nods along with their wiggly-antennae greetings,

and a few even murmured "Thiptho lapth" at her in characteristically soft and faintly sibilant voices–a common Andorian greeting.

She was never going to get used to those antennae, Dagmar thought to herself as she stepped into a turbo lift.

Well, to be honest, she was probably never going to get used to a lot of things about this time.

Two hundred years had changed so much, between the stupid, needless wars and humanity's first contact with an alien species to humans making leaps and bounds in technological advancement,

Dagmar more often than not felt overwhelmed by the enormity of the paradigm shift she was trying to adjust to.

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