Embers of Autumn
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A fanfic by luckyfirerabbit posted on commaful. read the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Embers of Autumn

The pain had been strangely brief. It had begun as little more than a paper cut and steadily began digging deeper with a sharply pitching heat.

It snatched away the ability to breathe, to speak, to react, setting every muscle rigid. And then, just like that it faded, and with it the piercing image of burning amber eyes.

And for a time, no knowing how long, there is nothing. All sensation dissipates.

Then it all comes stampeding back with a wild compulsion to breathe. It feels like sucking scorching air through a straw, lungs still restricted though she knows she gasping.

The burning surges back tenfold, permeating every nerve with hooked claws that tear at her like her fingers at the sensation of a wound in her chest.

Her body bows so sharply at the pain her spine threatens to snap right in half. When she finally draws enough air, just as the agony peaks, she lets a scream rip itself free.

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