Elua's Companions
Elua's Companions bao (kushiel's legacy) stories

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Elua's Companions

Elua’s Companions

This is a continuation of what I started with Elua’s Nightmare, which I now have come to see as a trilogy, oddly enough.

Since El's Nightmare ballooned into nearly 200,000 words, what the hell, right?

Yes, its a big story, this one will be a tale that stretches over years.

“All sects deserve reverence for one reason or another. By thus acting a man exalts how own sect and at the same time does service to the sects of other people.”

- Ashoka

The day after we were wed, Bao and I were awoken by the sounds of people shouting and running about as if a war had broken out. As marriages go, it was not the most auspicious way to begin.

Ah, but what a morning it had been until that moment!

Dozing, waking to love each other again, one or the other of us petting each other in our sleep as we patiently waited for the other to resume our personal celebration.

Against all odds and the efforts of half the world, we were truly together, and not simply in the way our shared diadh-anam drew us. Husband and Wife… I was a

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