elope with me, miss private
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elope with me, miss private

“We are proud and pleased to present the Samwell Class of 2017!” says Headmaster Mosso and four hundred caps fly in the air, signaling the end of Lardo’s college career.

It’s a start, too, she guesses, but right now it mostly feels like an end. A sad and utterly unwelcome end.

All her friends seem to have something lined up to pass the time this summer and fall (and the

) and she feels unanchored, like she’s been pushed underwater with no warning.

Her art friends grin when she turns to look at them, and she’s sure the pictures will show her with a pale, sick expression instead of the smiles of everyone around her.

She feels flushed and hot under the normally-pleasant May sunshine. The rays of light off the lake seem to shine directly into her eyes, blinding her.

She has no idea what she’s going to do with her life, and it doesn’t seem cute or romantic or auspicious anymore.

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