Elementary, My Dear Sidhe
Elementary, My Dear Sidhe anita blake/nathaniel graison stories

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A short story by andromedanewton adapted for commaful. watch the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Elementary, My Dear Sidhe

Ah sleep. For once, I was getting some. I was right in the middle of a fantastic dream. Jean Claude was there, and Rhys, when everything started to move or, more precisely, shake.

I was awake in moments and still shaking. This wasn’t part of the dream, this was real, and although I wasn’t an expert, it sure felt like a 'quake to me.

I sat up to see my penguins shaking on their shelves, some of them falling off.

Deodorants and perfumes shook on the dresser, one bottle particularly close to the edge falling onto the floor and breaking. This was unusual.

Illinois had quakes but they were few and far between and rarely did more damage than the odd cracked tombstone or chimney.

'Rhys.' I put my hand out and touched him softly on the arm.

'Hmm?' He didn’t even move.

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