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Electric Twist

The fluorescent light hummed a morose soundtrack–a fitting welcome for the first day of school.

Kahlan Amnell, Student Body President, stirred the burnt coffee in her styrofoam cup as she watched the meeting room fill up with fellow members of the student council.

Like clockwork, they’d each march in, looking disgruntled, and make a beeline for the free coffee station.

Kahlan thought bitterly.

“Whoever invented zero period should have a special place in hell,” Leo said between loud slurps from his own styrofoam cup.

Zedd, the council’s faculty advisor, shot him a dirty look from behind his desk.

“Perhaps this will serve as a potent reminder for you–and everyone else,” Zedd raised his voice for the last bit,”that it is unwise to spend your school nights with the bottle.”

Leo scoffs. “It was a kegger,” he mumbled.

Chase, who was reclined in his chair next to Leo, chuckled at the other boy’s comment.

Dennee, who was the council’s Treasurer and Kahlan’s younger sister, rolled her eyes at the both of them. She and Kahlan shared a look of exasperation.

Leo Dane was the Officer of Student Spirit, and Chase Brandstone was their Officer of Athletics. Both positions have historically been held by people that Kahlan would call ‘popular.

’ Only to herself, of course. It seemed a bit juvenile to pigeonhole people with terms like ‘popular’ or ‘cool.’ This isn’t the 90s.

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