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Electoral College

[Alex] Americans, let's start this, Show this dumb millennial who’s the smartest The biggest mistake you could ever make Is to think you know more than an American great The general populous cannot become politically engaged That’s why the electoral college is the way My fans are geniuses who helped found a country Who work to stop the tyrannical majority It’s the best way that’s found in this millennia Just a creative solution, man, This is America! [Michael] Not so fast Democracy is supposed to evolve So let’s stick this outdated system in the trash Times have certainly changed since the 18th century Mail not by horse but electronically We can now trust the citizenry While you and your companions are all stuck in your tradition We’ll continue on our mission to improve voting conditions “Demo-kratia” power to the people You wouldn’t understand that, you don’t treat votes as equal [Alex] Ha! You must not understand where we come from Taking power from the few is what turned Europe to scum It works, and it helps save our country from disgrace I'd explain this to you more, but you're too young to know your place! [Michael] Superiority complex much there, founding father? You must think open discussion is too much of a bother We’ve got a system that needs fixin, so let’s not act like Britain Can’t we grow up and listen, to differing opinions

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