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Elastic Heart

Kalinda’s eyes ache as she gazes, uncharacteristically unfocused, at her computer screen.

She’s not sure what time it is, but the office’s stagnant darkness and solitude suggest a far later hour than she was anticipating.

She swiftly closes her laptop and is surprised to see she is not alone: Alicia Florrick is slumped over on her desk, apparently asleep.

Kalinda is keenly aware of the adrenaline surge at the unexpected sight of her former friend.

She momentarily recovers and takes the rare opportunity to unabashedly look at Alicia, having nothing to hide.

These days, she only gives herself permission to half glance at Alicia between meetings, while she’s walking down the hall - head up, shoulders back.

She doesn’t dare allow herself to look at Alicia face to face lest she betray her own impenetrable persona; but despite her best intentions, she’s been testing her own limits.

Her mind trailed off to that day a few weeks ago when she was in the conference room for a meeting about something, the details of which are now foggy.

Kalinda knew Alicia would be coming from court and she’d probably be late. She watched and waited as all the seats filled in around her.

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