Elaborate Lives
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Elaborate Lives

Everything was dark. Pitch black. Katniss looked all around frantically, reaching out to feel the walls of the small space. They were rough stone.

And it was small, growing smaller by the minute. The air was thick in her lungs. She couldn't breathe. She opened her mouth over and over, but nothing.

Katniss awoke gasping for air, gulping down great lungfuls until she felt Gale's hand on her leg. She looked over to see his sleepy eyes.

"You're okay." He assured her. "Just the dream." He pulled her back down and she stared up at the ceiling as he traced the length of her arm. "You want to talk about it?"

"I've talked about it enough." She said softly.

Their bedroom door opened slowly and a pair of bright gray eyes peeked around it. "Mama? Daddy? Can I come sleep with you?"

Katniss nodded and held her arms out. "Sure. Come here, baby."

Rebecca climbed in between her parents and burrowed under the blanket into Gale's side, as she usually did.

Katniss combed her fingers through the girl's brown hair and looked over her head to her husband.

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