Eight Days a Week (MidoTaka Week Ficlets)
Eight Days a Week (MidoTaka Week Ficlets) nannies stories

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Eight Days a Week (MidoTaka Week Ficlets)

As luck would have it, Midorima Shintarō was on his deathbed on the first day of the final year of his high school career.

Or at the very least he was deathly ill and would be kicking the bucket any minute now unless that idiot (whom he'd entrusted with a very important task) got here in time with the

only thing that could save his rapidly flitting life.

, it wasn't medicine. He had plenty of that. His father was a doctor, a damn good one at that.

And even more fortuitous, he happened to have been home this morning when Midorima opened his pretty emerald green eyes and discovered his malady.

The object Midorima Shintarō was

desperately in need of it had become a life and death situation was today's lucky item.

He had urgently texted Takao to fetch it for him the minute it became obvious he would be too sick to attend his classes today,

let alone traipse about the city in search of whatever article Oha Asa deemed imbibed with mystical powers for those who happened to have been born between June 21st and July 22nd,

all before first period.

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