Edge of Sorrow, Heart of Truth
Edge of Sorrow, Heart of Truth pov alternating stories

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fanfic by feliciacraft adapted for commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Edge of Sorrow, Heart of Truth

Spike came to with a full-body shudder and immediately regretted his state of consciousness.

Vampire physiology rendered him immune to the elements, true, but some things still chilled him to the bone.

Looking about to try to get his bearings, he realized he was fully clothed, a right mess sliding off of his favorite armchair,

the one perfectly angled to watch both the telly and the front door. Judging by the soft light filtering through the window, it must’ve been close to sunset.

He tried to suss out what had happened. Mind a blank. Tried to get vertical. Legs wouldn’t cooperate.

Felt the broken ribs, the punctured lung, and the busted knee then, among other souvenirs, courtesy of...Glory’s tower.

A deluge of memories of the final battle poured forth from behind a broken dam, and the impact, unbraced, left him gasping for air, as if a man drowning.

He had planned to go down fighting, lay down his unlife for

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