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short story by crypticfondness adapted for commaful. watch the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...


It was early on New Year's day. Outside the sun was shining and bird were starting to sing.

Inside of Zayn’s flat things were quiet and dark. He had been out late at Louis and Harry’s New Years Eve party. He needed a taxi to take him home in fact; that's how drunk he'd gotten.

As his cell phone began to ring in his jeans pocket on the floor he whimpered. His head was killing him.

“Fuck!” He cursed getting up rather slowly. He stumble forward and nearly fell flat on his face when he ran into the wall.

With his head hurting worse now he noticed finally that he was in the guest room. He must have been more drunk than he thought he was last night.

He finally made it to his jeans and got his cell out of the pocket. Afraid he was about to miss the call he picked up the phone without looking at who it was, “Hello?”

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