Echoup de théâtre: Cache [Remix]
Echoup de théâtre: Cache [Remix] kon (bleach) stories

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Echoup de théâtre: Cache [Remix]

—Saybia, "Snake Tongued Beast"

His world, his most sacred place, shivered and fractured before his eyes. The cracks spread and cut into every impossible surface, even the sky itself.

Every move to turn caused a pain to spread through his being, leaving a horrible sensation in its wake reminiscent of pins and needles.

Something, some outside source, was the cause of this pain within his soul, but he hadn't a clue as to what it could be.

He clenched his hand at his side, scanning his surroundings in agony and muddled clarity. Shinsō. Where was

Then, with a feeling not unlike a physical pull, he was thrown from out of his disintegrating sanctuary and into the cold, cruel reality of the real world.

Eyes snapping open, he jolted forward with a choked gasp from the pain and rush of being forcibly removed from his inner world.

Following the jolt, his head hit back against the brick wall, rattling his senses as blood gushed from his mouth before he could reflexively shout out.

A strange throbbing seemed to press against his chest while the blood from his mouth continued down his neck in steady rivulets. It became difficult to breathe, his body trembling from exertion.

What little consciousness he had left through this pain still couldn't distinguish its origins. It was simply...

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